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What follows is a list of information for the Chronicle, both in-character information as well as out-of-character reference points and various links to learn more about the background of the Chronicle.

Heretic Song: Iberia By Night takes place primarily in Barcelona, a city that is one of the strongest centers of Christianity in all of the peninsula, and is also the gateway to the wider world for the petty Spanish kingdoms. Barcelona is one of the few cities in Spain that is cosmopolitan enough to have all manner of residents – Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and Byzantine Orthodoxy. In the Cainite world, it is a bastion of strength against the Cainite Heresy; while the Heresy has attempted to move into the city, they have no teeth within its boundaries.

Throughout the course of the Chronicle, the characters will cement a power-base in Barcelona, and possibly move on to fight in the so-called "shadow crusade" against the Cainite Heretics that have taken up alongside the Cathars in Albi & Toulouse, in southern France. Among mortals, the Albigensian Crusade against the Cathar Heresy rages across the Pyrenees and the Reconquista is still being fought in southern Iberia. The recent creation of the Kingdom of Portugal has formed a strong Christian dual-front against the Islamic Sultanate that occupies the southern half of the peninsula.

Though the Muslim nations are holding fast against Christian warriors, and the Catharists – while harried by the Christian crusaders – are maintaining their heretical doctrine against an overwhelming onslaught, making some wonder who is truly pulling the strings on either side. It is a time of war and a time of struggle. It is a time when heretics sing… and whether it will be an elegy or a paean remains to be seen.

Campaign Information

  • The City of Barcelona – The Head and Hearth of Catalonia, the most powerful city in Northern Spain, the most recent acquisition of the Kingdom of Aragón, and gateway to the Mediterranean.
  • Aragón – The northernmost Spanish kingdom, spearheading the assault across the Pyrenees to fight the Cathar Heretics.
  • Castille – The western allies of Aragón, once part of the Kingdom of León.
  • Navarre – The northwest Kingdom of Navarre, entrance to the Atlantic and on-again/off-again allies of Aragón and Castille.
  • The Kingdom of León – A strong Spanish kingdom with ties to France & the rest of Europe, León is considered cultured and powerful, especially with the poetess-queen Blanche of Castille reigning in Oviedo.
  • The City of Bayonne – The largest southernmost French city on the other side of the Pyrenees, one focus of the Cathar Crusade.
  • Political Climate – The political realities of the local Cainites and the other supernatural creatures that inhabit Iberia.
  • Local High and Low Clans – A brief description of the Clans that inhabit Iberia.

OOC Historical Information

Pieces in Play

What follows is a list of vampires and other supernatural beings that transcend individual cities and regions and are a force with which to be reckoned in politics and power across Iberia.





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